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Step your fashion game up

For this Sunday selection I’ve decided to explore the lesser-conventional shoe styles and designs, in a bid to explore one of the truest aims of fashion which is expression.

In a cookie-cutter homogenous world, there are some brands who are trying something new, rather than just same old styles with minor changes. Here are 4 that I’ve found which are pretty unconventional and may not all be trail-blazers, but get the thumbs up from me for trying something different, new, and encouraging people to not just walk in the footsteps of others, but to step your game up and get crazy with your feet.

Y-3: Qasa Sandals
I really gotta hand it to Yohji Yamamoto as his collab with Adidas has had some well-deserved longevity, not to mention had some of the most interesting and innovative designs. Some of the more bulbous stuff I’m less of a fan, but I respect it. These sandals make the idea of sandals actually cool, with their structural design and Japanese subtlety. There’s some dynamism to the shape that stops it from being some clumpy thing attached to one’s foot.
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Prada: Shearling-effect Loafers
Can you even tell that these are loafers? I gotta hand it to Prada, it’s like they saw Gucci’s hairy loafers and said “Maybe we can do something even more ridiculous!”. The fact that they’ve even taken a bet on putting these out on production makes me think that there might be people out there that would appreciate the outrageousness of them, and kudos to Prada for pushing the fashion envelope (albeit, maybe too far?).
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Balenciaga: Race Runner panelled low-top trainers
Credit where credit is due, I say. Balenciaga’s latest trainer shape is actually kinda bad ass, and although I really fault Demna Gvasalia and Vetements for a lot of junk (but again, credit where credit is due to their upheaval of the fashion industry), there are some gems from his direction that are a big 👍. I don’t think I can personally pull these shoes off (I should really try a pair) but I’ve seen lots of other people who wear these well.
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Gucci: Brixton bee-print canvas loafers
Talking about ridiculous shoes, as I mentioned them before I have to mention again the venerable Gucci. Taking lots of fashion risks and shooting from the hip they’ve definitely seen some risky moves pay off well. The hairy loafers were all the rage a little while back, and their gutsy Italian attitude means that it’s cool to be flamboyant, like back in the 60s and 70s when expression and fashion went hand-in-hand.
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