For Him, Style

Spring is coming

I’ve been locked up in the office and house making websites and I’m dreaming of Spring eventually getting here and being able to see all the flowers. Here’s my pick for a Spring outfit with lots of colour to get out of the grey Winter season.

Even though Spring should bring a warmer climate, I won’t be fooled in thinking I can wander around in jandals and shorts the whole time. This awesome Elder Statesman cashmere sweater will let me shine like a colourful Spring beacon and keep warm.

I usually exclusively wear trousers that are tight (but not too tight) just because I feel like a bit of a scrubber if I’m wearing baggy clothing (much contrast to when I was younger — read more about this here) but I’m feeling like with Spring comes new beginnings. Perhaps I can wear baggier pants like these frayed jeans from Remi Relief?

Common Projects are one of those brands whom I think is untouchable at the moment. They create shoes which are basic, but are also so amazingly immaculate, it’s like they’ve clocked what it is to be a good shoe. These high-tops are my favourite shape, and in a tangy beige it’ll give me the spirit of Spring in each step.

Last but not least: socks! I’m a massive appreciator of Missoni’s design aesthetic, so I’m happy to include something of theirs here. I love their appreciation and craft with texture and colour, and these Missoni patterned socks would be the perfect final piece of my Spring vibes outfit.