Acne Studios Dress

Acne Money

So to answer all those burning questions you've all been asking me... What am I wearing this Summer ? ACNE from head to toe ! Where am I shopping (the sales) ? Harvey Nichols ! What did I spend all my money on ? ACNE, ACNE, ACNE !

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Accessories, Style

Wearing The Cashmere …

Because you simply haven't seen enough of my pretty little face this week, here is that POP.SIC.ILL cashmere beanie I was telling you about in the previous post. This super soft beanie is made in the Highlands of Scotland and...

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Jewellery, Style

Noemi Klein Jewellery

This time, let me introduce you to my Summer love ... Bandsaw Jackson ... AKA VINCENNES (when lost in translation) In no more than 6 days these sweet puppy dog eyes, crimped hair and 24 hour companionship stole my heart...

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