As we prepare for Autumn to roll in, and we begin to pack our swimwear to make room for our knitwear, I just wanted to take this time to send a postcard to my loved ones (you were missed) from the sea. I spent the last 8 evenings alone with my headphones blaring out sentimental songs (have a listen to the link above) and watching this sunset from a beautiful spot in Brittany (not mine, theirs). Summer brought me new connections, inspirations, reflections and best of all a little bit of relaxation. It’s not over yet so enjoy the last few weeks while you can …

 OH! What a beautiful Summer this one was !


IMG_7145Midnight Recovery Concentrate

On receiving these two products in the post from Kiehl’s last month, my current morning and midnight skin rituals have developed into a religious routine. Gone are the days of waking up with traces of mascara on my crisp white cotton pillowcase. Instead I am now choosing to take care of those imminent crows feet that someone who packed my Kiehl’s goodie bag (after looking at my blog (perhaps not related)) indirectly suggested I might have. Yes, it’s true, I was a little horrified to find my package of Kiehl’s product samples to contain not one but two miracle products against the signs of ageing skin (crows feet and MARIONETTE LINES (first I’ve heard)). I admit I questioned my Photoshop retouching skills, of course, but then I faced up to the fact that indeed now was the time to try and test these products that might help improve my imminently ageing skin for the better. I guess I should thank the employee that packaged the sample parcel.

IMG_7149Ultra Facial Cream

For the last month before going to bed I have been applying 3 drops of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (photographed above) into a small amount of the Ultra Facial Cream to my freshly washed face…et voila…off I pop to Bedfordshire. I now wake with deeply moisturized and healthy feeling skin. After my morning shower I reapply the thick creamy Ultra Facial Cream which lasts the day at keeping my skin plump and moist for the whole day. After trying a whole medley of creams for my dry skin I have to admit that these two products are certainly here to stay (and I wasn’t paid to say that) in my daily routine.

In collaboration with Kiehl’s


IMG_33842 Let me introduce you to Chantalles Birk’n’socks combo.

Our conversation first started when I saw the newly retired lady hanging up her washing in the adjacent garden in her pink jersey pencil skirt, think black and white woollen striped socks and her Birkenstocks. I immediately envied her outfit, her glamorous haircut and her freshly painted red nails that matched perfectly with her lipstick. I complimented her directly and asked if I could take her photograph for my Blog and explained that she was “bang on trend” with current fashion. She laughed in disbelief that I liked her outfit, called in to her husband to share the news and posed politely but only permitting her ankles to this post. I’m not sure I got her best angle though as she had to rush off to the hairdressers and beauty salon that afternoon, to fix up what was already a pretty refined look in my opinion. Chantalle has spent nearly all her years living on a farm in the countryside outside Marseille I believe. Now retired, she spends her days between cooking, gardening and enjoying the daily chores at home and adding to a proud collection of colourful thick knitted socks ( I hear she even has ones with ankle pompoms).

This look got me thinking about my own get ups, though I haven’t yet committed to the sandal and sock combo. Perhaps my thinning black cotton socks aren’t something that will compliment my beautiful new tan leather platform sandals, so taking inspiration from the glamorous Chantalle I think I might start with a new pair of woollen socks now that skies are slowly turning towards Autumn.

What do you think about the “Birk’n’socks” look? Is this something you are loving or loathing … do share!

Outfit Details


Sun Bum

IMG_2885BW“I wanna blind everyone with my white hot bikini bod”

If you are wondering why there has been a lull in my social media exploits. Wondering where I am? Worshipping the sun of course! In this well structured, high quality and sophisticated swimwear, bought in the sales (of course) right HERE.

Outfit Details

Swimsuit – Princesse Tam Tam

Photo Credit




Rankin – Portraits of Men

IMG_5023lwc2_006IMG_5027IMG_5037lwc2_008IMG_5035 IMG_5034

Rika & Helena Christensen – A Private Moment

IMG_5039IMG_5675IMG_5053 IMG_5054IMG_5051 copyIMG_5045 IMG_5047 copy

Rankin – Portraits of Men

Best known for his captivating fashion photography and unique celebrity portraits, Rankin’s photographs have become synonymous with dynamic and intimate portraiture; shooting everyone from royalty to rock stars, supermodels to members of parliament.  In this new exhibition, Rankin has selected some of his most iconic male portraits taken throughout his career, including eminent figures across the entertainment industry such as Werner Herzog, Malcolm McDowell, Damian Lewis, Michael Sheen, Tinie Tempah, Ralph Fiennes and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Rika & Helena Christensen – A Private Moment

Widely regarded as one of the world’s most recognised faces and now respected as a leading photographer, Danish born to a Peruvian mother and Danish father, it was Helena’s passion for photography which was the catalyst for her modelling career. “Modeling, in the beginning, was for me a means to travel – to see the World and perhaps fund my true passion for photography, luckily it went well and I have been able to combine both, often shooting whilst I am away on modelling or design work.”

WORDS : Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

Photographs of me credit to Iona Spence 

The Stories We Tell x Amanda & Tallulah Harlech

“ALWAYS WEAR BLACK VELVET” Screen shot 2014-07-24 at 16.58.12

10550092_671159239640079_331189558842418620_oLast image : Wojtek Kutyla


A part of the conversation between mother and daughter Amanda and Tallulah Harlech

(You might want to grab your headphones and turn up the volume for this one)

“Mother and daughter Amanda and Tallulah Harlech – both highly respected in the fashion industry – talk on stage about the stories parents tell their children, stories passed on through  time and the new stories that are told in return. They will speak about the inspiration that stories, poetry and prose have on their work.

Amanda Harlech is a creative consultant and writer and artist with a long association with the couturiers John Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld. Her daughter, Tallulah is a successful model, stylist and actress.”

The event is a collaboration with the Scottish Poetry Library.

The event is sponsored by LS, Scotland’s largest stills and motion production company.

Photo Credit

  Natalie Riachi & Wojtek Kutyla

Sound Credit

Katarzyna Dragan & Iona Spence 

THANK YOU for making this post possible x

The Accidental Fold x Saskia De Brauw

IMG_4851 IMG_4847IMG_4820IMG_4831 IMG_4826 copyIMG_4539IMG_4531 copy IMG_4535IMG_4824 copyIMG_4555 IMG_4542IMG_4550IMG_4551IMG_4545IMG_4821 copyIMG_4836IMG_4838


(You might want to grab your headphones and turn up the volume for this one)

The Accidental Fold x Saskia De Brauw at The National Museum of Scotland

Saskia de Brauw works as a fashion model which entails moving constantly. On her travels she carries a small scanner with her in order to document and collect discarded ephemera of daily life – from torn pieces of papers, playing cards, and ribbons, to feathers and orange peels – forgotten remains that, despite their seeming inconsequence, capture and contain the proof of life.

Seen by most people as rubbish she sees beauty in the fold of a wrinkled paper or the vibrant colour of a plastic cup. This ongoing exploration; a diary and of her movements across different countries and cities has become a collection of objects that still grows steadily, day by day. Within the archive the objects are arranged in character or form.

For the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival a selection is brought together as a sample of the whole. Large scale colourful prints will be placed inside the Sculpture Gallery representing a collection that still wants to give the unimportant eternity.”

WORDS : Edinburgh International Fashion Festival


IMAGE 2 – Frayed yellow balloon with sand August, 2010 found on IJmuiden Beach

IMAGE 4 – Feathers of a bird that was killed by a cat January 16, 2014 found in Dieulivol, France

IMAGE 5 – Threads and cut pieces of shiny leather from clothes brand “Karl” December 2, 2011 found in the studio del ‘Olivier, 42 Rue Paul Vaillant Couturier, Malakoff France

IMAGE 6 – Rear view mirror after accident January, 2013 found at Pont de la Concorde, Paris, France

IMAGE 7 – Crumpled white A4 paper with hand written notes and mud May 15, 2014 found on Place d’Estienne d’Orves Paris, France

IMAGE 8 – Paper airplane May, 2011 found infront of 12 Rue Theophile Rousse, Paris, France

IMAGE 9 – Haircut September, 2010 found inside 40 Rue Cherche Midi, Paris, France

IMAGE 10 – Corroded CD May 1, 2011 found in New York, USA

IMAGE 12 – Top part of white leather sandal with missing beads February 27, 2013 found in Marrakech

IMAGE 13 – Fish tail with sand July 3, 2010 found on IJmuiden Jetty, The Netherlands

IMAGE 14 – Light pink, plastic, double sided lice comb with missing teeth May, 2013 found in Essaouira, Morocco


1436 Erdos


A Collection of the finest Cashmere – A Scottish & Chinese Cultural Collaboration

“It is over 200 years since the trade in cashmere between China and Scotland began. The cashmere goats that inhabit the high grasslands of Inner Mongolia produced much of the raw fibre that the inventive Scots spun into the very finest yarns, so building an international  reputation for producing the very finest cashmere knitwear.

Now, in a wonderful example of the perpetual development of global trade, China is fast becoming the leading consumer for Scottish cashmere whose origins often still lie in China.

However, in the past 40 years, the Chinese Cashmere brand Erdos has developed its own technical abilities using the finest (.14 micron) and longest (36mm) available staple of  cashmere fibres, which it is able to source from its own white baby Cashmere goats in Inner Mongolia. From this they are able to produce what is now known as the ’1436′ range of  superfine cashmere knitwear.

Graeme Black, Creative Director of 1436, has now initiated a new twist in the collaborative tale between Scotland and China, by bringing these superfine Chinese yarns to be hand knit in Scotland by leading knitwear specialist Di Gilpin and her team at the Di Gilpin studio in rural Fife.

He will be sharing a collection of Scottish and Chinese made knitwear – inspired by  the motifs of both nations – as the opening show of the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival on 18th July 2014 at the historic National Museum of Scotland.”


Edinburgh International Fashion Festival Edition #3 New Horizons

IMG_3894 Festival Director - Anna Freemantle

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival has officially launched into its third edition, directed and curated by the ever inspiring muse and mother Anna Freemantle.

This year is set to be better than the predecessors, bringing intimate talks from those Fashion mavericks Lady Amanda Harlech, Gareth Pugh, Saskia De BrauRankin and Helena Christensen. The Festival will also host interactive workshops, exhibitions, runway shows, gala parties in some of the most spectacular venues within the city of Edinburgh.

Find out a little more through this interview with Anna Freemantle in Wallpaper Magazine

The programme of free events can be accessed below >>

Screen shot 2014-07-18 at 01.27.25