“If you own only one sweater, make sure it’s cashmere”


 “If you own only one sweater, make sure it’s cashmere”

Probably the most important fashion advice taken from the book How to be Parisian Wherever You Are and, in my opinion, the most important item of clothing to invest in.

Buying a cashmere statement sweater and caring for it as best as you possibly can, keeping it clean and well stored away from moths will mean that when wearing it you will have that feel-good feeling you usually have with something new for years to come.

The ultimate Scottish knitwear brand, in my opinion, is Cameron Taylor. You will find classic statement pieces like no other and best of all it is all Made in Scotland, to the highest of quality. The brand even offers a unique “tidy up service” of your cashmere should it start to show any signs of damage.

This oversize cashmere sweater is one from the archives (AW 14 is my favourite collection to date) but can still be bought Online or in store at Epitome Edinburgh. If you are looking for lighter knits perhaps the current collection will be more what you are looking for.

Outfit Details

Knit – Cameron Taylor* Archive

Cameron Taylor

Heels – Isabel Marant

Photo Credit

Iona Spence

Summer Sandals


Acne has done it once again!

These chunky woven leather sandals with their unusual pointed toe and inner wedge managed to bring me everything I had been searching for in a beautifully crafted long lasting Summer sandal with that extra height.

I mentioned a few times here on my blog that I was revolutionizing my wardrobe habits, both old and new. Selling practically everything in my wardrobe that didn’t live up to the label: “statement piece” and making space for those high quality wardrobe essentials I believe everyone should have. All in all, carefully considered purchases I give place for a lifetime in my wardrobe.

This was brought to light and discussed recently by well known fashion blogger Sabrina Meijer and her idea of the 5 piece French Wardrobe. She is committed to only buying 5 wardrobe classics per Season (basics not included).

I too have been trying to live by a similar rule over the last 2 years, with a more realistic purchase of around 5 pieces per year and I’ve never felt better about my wardrobe and I am ever encouraging friends and readers here on my blog to consider this kind of living because it really does pay off.


 Where to start ? With the absolute basics …

Firstly, you must deal with your current wardrobe hoarding and you need to be ruthless at this stage. Inviting honest friends over and getting them to help you with this could be a fun way to start. Making piles: To Keep, To Sell and To Donate.

(Websites like Vide-Dressing, Vestiaire Collective and Depop are great places to sell unwanted items)

Secondly, buy (invest) in the basics, that might include t-shirts, shirts and jeans but make sure you are buying the best quality so you don’t have to keep replacing them because they’re worn and torn.

Lastly, make a wish list of those forever classic pieces you feel you need in your wardrobe, set a budget and through time you can make them permanent additions to your wardrobe. (I will be giving an idea of my essential wardrobe classics I feel every woman should own in the next few instalments.)


So to start with let me introduce, my perfect Summer Sandals bought on sale at ACNE, of course.

I hope to discuss where to find great statement pieces at affordable prices, sharing a few more of my purchases and to talk about those pieces that are on my Forever Wishlist. In the meantime, I hope I have inspired a few of you to consider buying more quality than quantity. If you have any thoughts to share with me on this topic please do, I am keen to hear about your shopping habits.

Outfit Details

Sandals – ACNE

Photo Credit



(definitely one to bookmark)

Fred Fellows

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival 2015 // 23 – 26 July


Edinburgh International Fashion Festival Edition #4 kicks off today!

The themes for this year are sustainability, education and digital relevance.

Unfortunately, this year I am not able to make the events but I urge all you readers from Edinburgh to go along to as many events as you possibly can … All events are free to the public and the city will once again be host to a plethora of industry professionals through a series of events , presentations and exhibits which are all listed and can be booked here

Da Drone Boyz

1502NY0889 copy

 Fashion Week is being captured from every angle on the ground but is it time to move to the sky?

With Instagram bringing us live coverage from industry professionals seated in the front rows at the shows to the models and make up artists getting ready backstage … it still seems we are passionately hungry for something more, something new.

Jose J. Martinez tapped into that and brought us beautiful moving images (like no other) from Fashion Week.

Then, Da Drone Boys brought us aerial footage from New York Fashion Week.

As Snapchat takes over as the latest digital craze will we be seeing a greater need for moving images on other social media platforms? So, what next for Fashion Week photographers? Perhaps a crash course in video editing will be on the cards for some of them.

Thoughts ? xox


Jonathan Paciullo from FRENCHY STYLE

Frenchy Style at Milan Fashion Week

I got so carried away with this Milan recap. Jonathan’s photos are too good to miss! It’s all in the details …

I am lucky enough to work for my favourite street style fashion week photographer Jonathan Paciullo and to share his captivating, atmospheric photographs here on my blog.

One should never underestimate the hard work that Fashion Week Photographers are faced with, surtout those who endure all four cities (Big Apple Freeze included). The dedication and focus is admirable, if only I had the skills and the opportunity to take on Fashion Week Month.

So here are a selection of my favourites … because we can’t all travel the world shooting Fashion Week Street Style.



Jonathan Paciullo from FRENCHY STYLE

Isle of Skye Candle Company


If only I could share this wonderfully relaxing, intense, warm smell of lavender that has now filled my studio, after a mere five minutes of burning my new Skye Candle. So, instead, I urge you to check out these Scottish natural soya wax candles Online, or in one of their many stockists in the UK.

Skye Candles Company might be young but already stock a wonderful handmade range of well-priced scents including candles (mini – three wick), reed diffusers, and air fresheners and a favourite of mine, the Scottish Range (a real essence of Scotland).

 So … make haste…they would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Post Details

Framed Photograph Print – Living In Clips, Heels – Prada,

Candle – Skye Candle Company, Magazines – Antidote

Song – We Were Promised Jetpacks : Disconnecting (Don’t miss them at Brew At The Bog)

My mini Rhodesian


…served me so well at Paris Fashion Week once again. I am so impressed that I can fit my Canon 60D in here as well as all the other bare essentials I like to carry around with me at Fashion Week.

You can get this absolutely stunning handmade leather bag from the lovely ladies at Rhodesian of Edinburgh. With a great selection of customizable options available you can really make a Rhodesian your own (my Jasmine is imperial red, with silver embossed monogram on the inside). The bag is crafted with the most beautifully structured leather and with the impeccable design Rhodesian bags are really at the high end of satchels.

A compliment is never far away when I am carrying my Rhodesian xox

A little something from Paris

Paris Fashion Week kicks off on the 3rd March!

Should you be in the city for the occasion and wondering what to take back home with you? I would recommend a little visit to the sublime 18th-century cosmetics and scent boutique Buly 1803 for a little something special. The boutique is situated on the Rive Gauche in the 6th district of Paris. Their 8 main scents are carried in their perfumes, soaps, creams, candles and these really unique scented matches. All products are made with natural ingredients and come in the most traditional, exquisite packaging. It’s tough to leave Buly emptied handed.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Paris, they now have a new online shop with all their beautiful, irresistible products.

Buly 1803,  6 rue Bonaparte75006 Paris.


12It’s officially time to clean out my closet and I’m selling everything I own (almost).

I think I might try out the seasonal 5 piece French wardrobe.

Most of the pieces I’m selling are new and unworn, the rest, good pieces at good prices … go on check out my shop on Depop.

If any of you live in Paris you can arrange to come and rummage through my collection of pieces (as they aren’t all up on Depop)

I didn’t believe …


“Are you going to make that the next topic for your blog post ?” Denny frequently asks me.

So, today, a blog post dedicated to Denny‘s new tattoo … taken right from the Riachi Studio Flower Mosaic Print and permanently tattooed onto our Denny’s left forearm.  I use to think that my dreams as a fashion designer would be fulfilled if I were to see a stranger wearing my clothing in the street. Well, I can now say this tops that dream! Perhaps the most flattering gift of all. Thank you !

 Denny travelled from Brisbane to Paris on a six month exchange as part of his Architecture course. We first met at the very beginning of his short six month stay here in Paris, which is sadly soon to come to an end. Denny has helped out with Riachi Studio on those late working nights; last minute decisions, sewing on buttons, editing out a few final pieces before the shoot, our lovely tumblr, pintrest, and facebook pages and all the cups of tea and chocolate cravings in-between.

What does this little tattoo represent ?

“My time in Paris ? Many things ?”

This tattoo represents that incredible journey of self discovery that has allowed Denny to follow his fashion dreams in Paris (and Dries Van Noten,Raf Simons, Acne)  and help me realise some of mine along the way.

Thank you for all your help and incredible knowledge. You might be leaving Paris (with a wardrobe I seriously envy) but we’ve still got Skype!

Merci xox

Tattoo by Aude at Anomaly