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Winter Slopes and Chill

It’s been 7 years (!) since I was carving up the slopes. I’ve done a lot of dreaming about it since then. I’m hoping to be finally reunited with all my gear this year, but before then, let me dream about what I might wear this season on the mountain.

With a name that reminds me of my Ski Or Die days, I couldn’t go past Burton for some kind of solid gear. Their snowboarding trousers (with snazzy suspenders) and boots would suit me well and protect me from the inevitable falls on my knees and butt.

If I’m going to be carving it up on a white trail, it’s best to stand out for the safety of my fellow man and woman. This Peak Performance bright orange jacket should make me sufficiently beam!

Lastly, with my sensitive eyes and all that white snow I’ll need some kind of eye protection. These POC blue mirrored ski goggles should do the trick of protecting my eyes from the brightness, and make me look a little bit like a robot. Bonus!